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The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund

The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF) is a Public Private Partnership able to provide long-term debt or mezzanine finance on commercial terms to finance the construction and development of private infrastructure

EAIF was set up in 2001 as the first multi-donor PIDG facility, and is the first dedicated debt fund in 47 countries across sub-Saharan Africa (except Mauritius). EAIF aims to address the market gap created by the high-interest short-term loans provided by commercial banks in the region, which are typically inappropriate for infrastructure financing.  EAIF is able to provide between US$ 10 million to US$ 36.5 million typically over 15 years.

While EAIF lends on commercial terms, it aims to support projects that promote economic growth and reduce poverty, benefit broad population groups, address issues of equity and participation, and promote social and cultural rights.


EAIF in Numbers 2015