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InfraCo Africa

InfraCo Africa is an infrastructure development facility, which has been designed to assume the risks and costs of early-stage project development in the lower income countries in Africa.

InfraCo Africa identifies investment opportunities and develops them to the stage where they can attract domestic and international finance (known as 'financial close'). Where appropriate, targeted subsidies are included in the design of projects where there are affordability concerns for the poor.

By taking on the high costs and risks of early stage project development, InfraCo Africa makes infrastructure projects happen in situations where the private sector would not otherwise be willing or able to invest. It also helps overcome the need for the transfer of early-stage developments back to governments due to a lack of identified investors - something which has often happened in the past.

InfraCo Africa aims to recover its development costs, with profit where conditions allow, through the sale of its project ownership rights to incoming private investors. 100% of InfraCo's Africa's profits are recycled into new project development, which ensures a high developmental return on its capital.

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