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20th January 2017

PIDG partners with Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation to develop digital infrastructure tool

Online platform speeds up the delivery of high-quality, investor-ready infrastructure in emerging markets

PIDG will partner with the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF) to help develop its project preparation tool, the International Infrastructure Support System (IISS).

The initiative provides a shared online platform for public sector agencies to develop and publish their infrastructure projects.  

First designed in 2010 and globally launched beginning of 2016, IISS has 449 active users and 67 active projects as of January 2017.

PIDG’s innovative early-stage development companies will have access to the software to help prepare their own projects as well as providing feedback through a Strategic Partners Committee. This will improve the standards of project preparation and attract more investment from the private sector.

"A lack of well-prepared projects is a huge challenge facing infrastructure development in the countries where we work and it is constraining growth” said PIDG CEO Philippe Valahu.

“By supporting the continued development of the IISS platform, PIDG hopes to speed up infrastructure delivery in emerging markets."

Welcoming the new partnership, SIF CEO Christophe Dossarps said: “Partnering with PIDG, and with some of its early stage development companies, will help to streamline the preparation of public-private infrastructure projects”.

“SIF will also benefit from PIDG’s world-class expertise as we develop the IISS software further” he added.

PIDG company InfraCo Asia has already run trials with the IISS platform for its projects under development.

“InfraCo Asia and its developer teams have found IISS user-friendly and intend to apply some of its features to the procurement and financing stage of our projects” said Allard Nooy, CEO of InfraCo Asia.

PIDG has also recently partnered with the World Bank Group’s Global Infrastructure Facility as part of its wider efforts to extend its reach and improve the pipeline of bankable infrastructure projects in low-income countries.

Read SIF’s annual report for further information on the IISS and its partnership with PIDG.