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19th July 2013

More Praise for PIDG in the UK DFID Multilateral Aid Review Update 2013

PIDG continues to make very good progress in delivering strong development impact and devising new initiatives to attract much needed investment in the world’s poorest economies, according to the UK Department for International Development’s recent update assessment of the multilateral organisations that it supports.

The Department of International Development (DFID) has published its Interim Report, explaining the methodology and process of the Multilateral Aid Review (MAR) Update 2013, and MAR Aid Review Summary Assessments. Both have been published on the DFID website – available here.

DFID undertook the Multilateral Aid Review (MAR) in 2011 as the start of a more systematic examination of strengths and weaknesses across the multilateral system. The update process explores how organisations are making progress against identified priority areas, with results published in Summary Assessments for each organisation.

The original MAR Review rated nine organisations (including PIDG) as ‘very good’ value for money for UK aid, 16 as ‘good’, nine as ‘adequate’ and nine as ‘poor’. Of the 43 organisations reviewed, PIDG came second in relation to presenting the best value for money for UK aid and scored ‘Strong’ in terms of contribution to UK development objectives. The recent Update Summary Assessment has shown that PIDG has continued to innovate and deliver results over the past two years, and as such has once again been rated as ‘very good’ value for money in the Interim Report. The Summary Assessment also recognises how PIDG has made sure to address all identified reform priorities.

In her letter to Ed Farquharson, Executive Director of PIDG, thanking him for PIDG’s engagement with the MAR process, the Secretary of State for International Development the Rt Hon Justine Greening MP stated that ‘it is clear the PIDG continues to play a critical role in the multilateral development system’. She continued, stating that the PIDG ‘has made progress against the reforms recommended by the MAR’.

A full report will be published towards the end of the year. This will give the results of the update Summary Assessments for all agencies, and provide some analysis of the results.