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PIDG Results Monitoring Database

The PIDG Results Monitoring Database can be accessed by typing into any web browser, or by following the links on this page.

The PIDG Results Monitoring Database is an online tool that provides quick and easy access to up-to-date development impact data from every PIDG-supported project, some of these in the world’s poorest countries and most fragile states. It has advanced functions for selecting and aggregating data, performing customized queries, downloading data and creating graphs.

The PIDG Results Monitoring Database is used to capture the predicted and, where possible, actual development impact of all PIDG-supported projects. The data tracks projects against a number of results monitoring indicators (as detailed in the PIDG Results Monitoring Handbook) and enables PIDG to report data at two stages in the project development cycle – (I) the predicted development impact of projects at financial close and, where possible, (II) the actual development impact when a project is fully operational and delivering services on the ground.The data is updated quarterly.

A glossary, intended to provide a quick definition guide to the key terms found in the PIDG Results Monitoring Database, and a short user guide for the site can be found on the Help page.