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What direct impact do PIDG supported projects have?

The PIDG has developed a comprehensive results monitoring framework to assess the development impact of projects supported by PIDG companies and facilities through a range of carefully chosen indicators.

The key development impact indicators for which data is collected include the following:

  • Private sector investment committed to the project, including contribution from the domestic commercial sector, commercial foreign investors/ foreign direct investment and the loan and equity commitments from development finance institutions
  • Number of additional people expected to be served by the infrastructure provided, as well as the number of people expected to receive improved services as a result of the project
  • Fiscal impact of the PPI investment, including details of upfront fees paid to the government and expected corporate taxes to be paid over a five year period; Long-term (during operations) and short-term (during construction) direct employment effects
  • A focus on the poorest countries (those in the first three columns of the Development Assistance Committee’s list of Overseas Development Aid recipients) and fragile/post-conflict states, with an extra emphasis (of approximately 75% of all investments) to be targeted in the poorest countries of Africa and Asia.

In addition, qualitative information is collected on how the project fits in with national development plans, as well as, where relevant, information on the likely scale of the expected impact on the national or regional economy. For more information on the results monitoring of PIDG projects and their impacts please see the Development Impact page