Mixta Nigeria is a real estate development and portfolio company. The company began in 2006 as a real estate investment fund promoted by Asset & Resource Management (ARM) Company Ltd. and converted to a property development company in 2007. Initially leveraging off ARM’s technical expertise, Mixta has since evolved to become a leading development company that has worked on over thirteen projects; with most located in Lagos State. To date, the company has delivered 3,000 real estate assets with a value of NGN 55 billion (USD 174 million). Its portfolio is composed of mixed use developments, residential real estate developments, and mid-tier commercial and retail developments.

 The African Local Currency Bond Fund (ALCB Fund) has been established by the German Government under the sponsorship of KfW to promote the development of African capital markets. The ALCB Fund acts as an anchor investor in local currency bonds where the proceeds are allocated for developmental purposes such as financial inclusion, clean energy, agriculture and housing. It also provides targeted technical assistance to promote activities that contribute towards this aim.

GuarantCo (www.guarantco.com) is a provider of local currency credit enhancement solutions in emerging and frontier markets and is sponsored by the governments of the UK, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands.   GuarantCo is a member of the Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) (www.pidg.org), a multi-donor international organisation established to promote private participation in infrastructure in the world’s developing countries.

ALCB TAF (the “Employer”) co-funded by GuarantCo (PIDG TAF), and Mixta Africa (the “Benefactor”) are now looking to appoint a Consultant to develop the Environmental and Social Management System for Mixta Africa.

Terms of reference, including description of the scope of the commission, is detailed here.

The deadline for submission of RfP responses by potential suppliers is midnight GMT on 2 February 2018.

Services are expected to commence on 21st  February 2018, and be completed by 31st  May 2018.

Interested parties should submit their proposal by 2nd   February, 2018, at 12PM via email to info@alcbfund.com, Winnie Karanja (winnie.karanja@lhgp.com) and Brock Hoback (Brock.hoback@lhgp.com). If you have any outstanding questions or comments, please contact Winnie Karanja or Brock Hoback.

For further information about GuarantCo, go to http://www.guarantco.com/