GuarantCo ( was established to mobilise local currency investment for infrastructure projects and support the development of financial markets in low income countries. GuarantCo is part of the Private Infrastructure Development Group (the “PIDG”).  GuarantCo is supported by the governments of the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Australia.

GuarantCo, with the financial support of the Technical Assistance Facility of the PIDG (“TAF”) are looking to appoint a Technical Advisor (the “TA”) to provide transaction advisory work for a transmission project in Kenya.

The successful tenderer (the “Advisor”) will be engaged to provide the Services within a prescribed timescale in Nairobi, Kenya.  The Advisor will be expected to provide transaction advisory services for a transmission project in Kenya as listed below:
• Select the pathfinder transmission line

• Develop a bankable transaction structure

• Develop Heads of Terms (HOT) for key contractual documents

• Validate the structure through consultation with private sector players

• The work will lay the ground-work for a subsequent procurement phase on the selected transmission line, and implementation through to Financial Close

• The work will include a high-level gap analysis

• The work will identify a comprehensive list of structural / policy and regulatory issues preventing (or that would allow) projects like this to progress Kenya, and develop credible, bankable solutions to overcome these issues

• Capacity building and technology transfer to KETRACO (or other SOE’s involved) considering the various structures and alternatives

• The work will be grounded in reality, not in theory, with a view on implementation with the selection of a pilot project to over a 6-month period.

• Please note any transmission lines that are directly connected to generation assets that are not renewable should be excluded.

• The deliverables will consist of a presentation of the Consultant’s findings and a final report in a from satisfactory to GuarantCo covering the above matters.
Interested consultants are requested to contact for detailed RfP, Terms of Reference, requirements for submissions of Proposals and other relevant information.  

 Deadline for the Submission of Proposals is scheduled for midnight (Nairobi time), 01st Oct 2018.

For further information about GuarantCo, go to

 Note: Proposals sent to PIDG will not be forwarded.