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PIDG operates through a Governing Council, a Central Management Office (CMO) and the PIDG Trust

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    The Private Infrastructure Development Group is led by Chief Executive Officer and infrastructure finance specialist Philippe Valahu.

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The PIDG Constitution and Memorandum of Understanding were formally adopted on March 14, 2003, and we always operate in accordance with these.

The Governing Council, the key decision-making body, represents the PIDG Members who provide grant and loan funding to the PIDG Trust. The PIDG Trust invests in, owns and manages the PIDG subsidiary companies. It is a Mauritian Trust, currently administered by a UK-based Principal Trustee, SG Hambros Trust Company Ltd. The CMO manages PIDG activities and is the central point of contact for all PIDG correspondence. The Governing Council has appointed MDY Legal (trading name of Marriott Davies Yapp LLP) as the current CMO. The CMO consists of a Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer who are supported by a Development Adviser, Communications Adviser, Development Impact Analyst and administrative staff.

In the governance and structure of our organisation, we are committed to donor co-ordination and ensuring best practice in funding our subsidiaries’ programmes. Our approach complements that of the Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF), which focuses on creating appropriate and enabling environments for infrastructure investment.